Abstract. Nanopore sensing is a versatile technique for the analysis of molecules on the single-molecule level. However, extracting information from data with established algorithms usually requires time-consuming checks by an experienced researcher due to inherent variability of solid-state nanopores. Here, we develop a convolutional neural network (CNN) for the fully automated extraction of information from the time-series signals obtained by nanopore sensors. In our demonstration, we use a previously published data set on multiplexed single-molecule protein sensing. The neural network learns to classify translocation events with greater accuracy than previously possible, while also increasing the number of analyzable events by a factor of 5. Our results demonstrate that deep learning can achieve significant improvements in single molecule nanopore detection with potential applications in rapid diagnostics.

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The heat map shows an effective sunshine amount per person. The red areas have plenty of sun, while purple areas have little sunshine per person.

Sun is the source of life on earth. We use it for agriculture and increasingly for electricity generation. In the long term, humanity will rely completely on the renewable energy, where the sunshine will be the most valuable natural resource. Here, I look at the regions which have the greatest amount of the sunshine per capita. Three continents stand out: Australia, Africa, and South America. They have plenty of sun for their populations. In the future, the extra sun will increase their wealth or perhaps sustain much larger populations.

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We have discovered that particles in liquids can have distance-independent interactions. These are rare in physics, and thus I am  excited about this result. Learn more about the experiment from the paper or watch the video below


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Game of mine sweeper with mathematical and logical elements set in a  theme and modes that resemble MineCraft for your Android Device!

Do you like MineCraft? So do we! This is a game for those who can’t wait to play MineCraft again. It features 2D mine where you aim to gather as many resources as possible. But on your way you stumble upon zombies and creepers. Will you succeed to mine and stay alive?

This game is based on rules of mine sweeper. But it has custom game mode that has lives and food hidden somewhere in the map. The game also has virtually unlimited map size – uncommon among minesweeper games. We hope you like it!

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Originally posted on 2012-01-29.

Update [2012-02-08]: There was an article published about the game:

Update [2015-09-19]: the game is no longer actively maintained, but we had lots of fun with. Over 800’000 people tried this game. Thank you for all the positive feedback!