Optimising commute time

I have recently moved to Zürich and now am facing a dilemma: where should I live? Having a short commute and opportunity to cycle are particularly important to me. Here, I solve this problem by analysing commute data and thus finding optimal locations to live. Method I gather data from Google Maps since it has public transport schedules. The idea is to measure the commute time from every street in Zurich to my work.

QuipuNet: single-molecule analysis using deep-learning

Abstract. Nanopore sensing is a versatile technique for the analysis of molecules on the single-molecule level. However, extracting information from data with established algorithms usually requires time-consuming checks by an experienced researcher due to inherent variability of solid-state nanopores. Here, we develop a convolutional neural network (CNN) for the fully automated extraction of information from the time-series signals obtained by nanopore sensors. In our demonstration, we use a previously published data set on multiplexed single-molecule protein sensing.

PhD thesis

“Hydrodynamic interactions in narrow channels” PhD supervisor: Ulrich F. Keyser Examiners: Daan Frenkel, Lydéric Bocquet Abstract. Particle-particle interactions are of paramount importance in every multi-body system as they determine the collective behaviour and coupling strength. Many well-known interactions like electro-static, van der Waals or screened Coulomb, decay exponentially or with negative powers of the particle spacing r. Similarly, hydrodynamic interactions between particles undergoing Brownian motion decay as 1/r in bulk, and are assumed to decay in small channels.

Forbes 30 under 30

Forbes magazine has picked me ’30 under 30′ in category of Science and healthcare, Europe. This was a pleasant surprise that I am very grateful for. You can read more about it: Forbes article or Churchill college article.

Nondecaying particle interactions

We have discovered a particle-particle interactions that have distance-independent strength. These are rare in physics, thus I am excited about this result. Learn more about the experiment from the paper or watch the video below Published in Physical Review Letters, 2015. An excerpt form a comment in Nature Physics: These somewhat surprising results, the authors show, follow from simple theory. Imagine that one particle moves, stirring up a fluid flow.

Sweeper Craft - android game

Game of minesweeper with mathematical and logical elements set in a theme and modes that resemble MineCraft for Android OS! The rules are like minesweeper, but with more adventure: multiple livesand hidden treasures to discover. The game also has virtually unlimited map size – uncommon among minesweeper games. We hope you like it! Direct download from website : http://sweepercraft.com/ There was an article published about the game: http://kotaku.com/minecraft-sweeper/ Update: the game is no longer actively maintained, but I am happy that over 1'000'000 people downloaded this game.